Trailer Axle Spindle

Trailer Axle Spindle


Fast, mobile trailer axle repair.

A bad spindle can keep your trailer down for days. Get back on the road in hours with Axle Surgeons®, the mobile spindle replacement specialists. We replace damaged drive and trailer spindles on vehicles 3/4-ton and up.

Replace only what you need.

When you call for a spindle replacement, our service experts conduct a free inspection of the spider plate, then replace only the parts you need. If you need both a trailer spindle and a spider plate, you pay a reduced combination repair rate. We also custom-fit spider plates for most makes and models, even obsoletes.

Safe, long-lasting.

Axle Surgeons® replacement techniques are safer, more durable,than old-fashioned patches or repairs. The new spindle is inserted seven inches into the original axle for added alignment, strength, and reliability.